Polo_reale4The Forum (Plenary sessions, panels and workshops) will take place at the Polo Reale, the architectural and museum complex which hosts one of the royal residences of the Savoy. The Polo Rele consists of the Royal Palace, Palazzo Chiablese, the Royal Gardens, Library and Armory, the new Savoy Gallery and the Archaeological Museum. A charming and evocative setting that tells a history spanning over 2,000 years, from the first Roman settlement in Piedmont to the unification of Italy.

The registration of participants will take place on Tuesday 13 October from 13.00 to 16.00 at Palazzo Chiablese, a wing of the Royal Palace and former residence of the Duke Chiablese. Palazzo Chiablese will also provide rooms for exhibitions, special meetings and happenings.

The Madama Felicita‘s apartment, located in the Royal Palace, will host the Matching Opportunities where the Net-TO-Work platform will be implemented giving the opportunity to public, private and civil society actors to meet and develop potential partnerships.

Registration is mandatory and for security reason you will be asked to show an identity card at the registration desk.