Innovation as an economic driver: energy-driven entrepreneurial activities based upon risk sharing and revenue sharing: RENEP and HITECH Projects


City of Hebron, Metropolitan City of Turin, SiTI, AI Engeneering, Environment Park


  • Sergio Olivero, SiTI, Higher Institute on Territorial System for Innovation


  • Jawni Abusneina, Deputy Mayor of Hebron, Palestine
  • Nader Bitar, Hebron City Council member in charge of Hebron Power Company projects, Palestine 
  • Federico Stirano, researcher of SITI – Higer Institute on territorial System for Innovation, Italy
  • Carlo Micono, partner of Ai Engineering S.r.l., Italy
  • Davide Damosso, Head of Innovation&Development Area Environment Park S.p.A., Italy
  • Osama Dweik, Municipality of Hebron, IT DEPT

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Location: Sala degli Svizzeri - Palazzo Chiablese Date: October 14, 2015 Time: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm