Covenant of Bio Cities Mayors: Towards achieving cities sustainable goals


Association of Bio Cities


  • Luca Ferrua, Journalist of “La Stampa”


  • Gian Luca Galletti, Italian Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea
  • Antonio Ferrentino, Italy
  • Andrea Ferrante, Italy
  • Michaël Latz, France
  • Luigina Di Liegro, Italy
  • Maurizio Mariani, France
  • Massimo Pallottino, CARITAS, Italy
  • Madelaine Cortes Barquilla, Cuba
  • Peter Pluschke , Germany
  • Mark Ritchie , USA
  • Zhu Yuhua, China

The “Carta di Milano” has established an implementation of actions, behaviors and choices that ensure the protection of the right to food for future generations, by introducing political decisions to allow the reaching of basic objective of ensuring fair access to food for all.  The document identifies agricultural activity as a key element not only to product alimentar goods but also for its contribution to draw the landscape, to protect the environment and the land and to preserve biodiversity. While 800 million people are suffering from chronic hunger, 160 million children from malnutrition and delayed growth and more than two billion people are still malnourished, nearly two billion people are overweight or suffer from obesity.  This implies an increase in health care funds that could be used in productive investments for combating worldwide inequality in food consumption. Every year 1.3 billion tons of food produced for human consumption are wasted in the food chain. The food globalization brought to our table tomatoes all over the year, but those tomatoes produced in greenhouses far from our tables consumes much more energy than they give us. In the year of EXPO 2015, there is much talk about Urban Food Policy. Local governments have begun to understand that food policy is an essential part of the Smart City.  It is time to deal with the food issue with a more systemic vision, that can evaluate real consequences on citizen well-being and rebuild the present food system. It is necessary to change the food system paradigm for a new one, that put man in the center of economy, with a special eye in the agricultural one.

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Location: Michelangelo - Palazzo Reale Date: October 14, 2015 Time: 11:15 am - 1:00 pm