Meeting of the Executive Committee, Turin 15th -16th July 2015

6th Meeting of the Executive Comettee (2)The members of the Executive Committee (EC) of the 3rd World Forum of LED gathered as part of their ongoing preparatory meetings leading up to the celebration of the Forum on the 13th -16th October 2015 in Turin, Italy.

The meeting, organized by the Municipality and Metropolitan City of Turin, was held in Turin on 15th -16th July and resulted in a finalized agenda for the Forum, whose first draft has been recently published on the Forum’s website.

The meeting was also opened to the members of the Scientific Committee (SC) which reviewed the agenda of the event, providing overall guidance and ensuring its coherence with the overall 6th Meeting of the Executive Cometteethematic content of the Forum. EC and SC members also discussed the latest draft of the Forum position paper which includes and responds to all the comments received from EC and SC members.

The meeting also proved fundamental for envisaging a coordinated and coherent strategy to ensure the engagement of a diverse range of stakeholders for the implementation of the activities of the Forum. Finally, the meeting allowed all partners to review and discuss the latest updates related to the progress in the preparation of the Forum and their personal engagement in its outreach activities.