Scientific Committee

The process of facilitating and advancing the dialogue on Local Economic Development is supported by a Scientific Committee (SC) which, in coordination with the Executive Committee and the Organizing Partners and the support the Secretariat, provides overall guidance for the organization of the 3rd World Forum.

The SC is a consultative body which includes international experts from the relevant stakeholders and which objective is providing the overall guidance and leadership on the organization of the 3rd World Forum of Local Economic Development. The work of the SC enhance the credibility of the whole process and its outcomes and therefore the consequent LED approach in formulating policies, strategies and activities. Furthermore, the SC encourages local and global ownership with the aim of maximizing a broader acceptance and legitimacy to the Local Economic Development approach.

The key function of the SC is to orientate and lead the organization of the 3rd World Forum on LED. It encourages discussions, debates and promotes dialogue and exchange of views on a wide variety of topics in relation to the LED approach. The SC also constructively identifies and troubleshoots problems and proposes solutions. The members of the SC support and lead the overall discussions on the LED approach by:

  1. Producing a specific publication on LED as a tool to further develop the agenda post-2015 at the local level;
  2. Providing guidance and ensuring academic excellence in the run up to the forum and during the forum;
  3. Selecting papers to be presented and discussed during the forum;
  4. Overseeing the involvement of the academic sector within the forum and moderating/steering a debate on the role of Universities in promoting LED;
  5. Supporting the constitution of a partnership of universities and research institutes focusing on LED as a tool for implementing the post-2015 agenda to further promote the debate and provide a real role and concrete opportunities within development initiatives in specific countries.

The SC also provides inputs on potential issues related to the subject of the Forum, suggested by the Executive Committee and the Organizing Partners, which should be addressed during the LED Forum.

The SC includes a group of maximum 10-13 representatives from the academic circles, think-tanks, UN System, development agencies and other institutions and International Organizations in representation of different regions and perspectives.

The SC hold virtual meetings periodically, according to the availability of the members, to ensure a solid coordination between members and the smooth progress of the works. In addition, bilateral virtual and in-person meetings are organized when possible. The Executive Committee and its Secretariat are in regular contact with the SC to exchange information on the progress of the works and to share documents in which the guidance and inputs of the SC is requested.