Organising Partners

The Organizing Partners represent all institutions interested in elaborating and developping the contents of the Forum and defining its conceptual framework. An Organizing Partner can be a single organization taking part at the event, or it can lead a session/panel of the Forum, as well as an entire component or sub-component of the Forum according to the thematic lines to be addressed by the Forum and at its own cost.

The Organizing Partners can also be active in the coordination of the discussions in the preparatory meetings of the 3rd World Forum on Local Economic Development, can give relevant contributions to the promotion and participation of other actors and institutions. The Organizing Partners, together with the Executive Committee, will liaise with the Scientific Committee – gathering international experts, academics and representatives of international organizations – to refine the Forum’s concepts and contents, ensuring that the most pertinent and updated information on local/territorial economic development is used. There is no limit of number of Organizing Partners, once accepted by the Executive Committee.