Road Map towards Turin 2015

In view of  Turin 2015 the Forum was and will be presented in the occasion of other regional, national and international events, in order to stimulate discussion and contribution  on the themes of the 3rd  World LED Forum. To date the list of events includes:



Description of the event

“7th World Urban Forum”, 5-11 April 2014


Side event in the framework of the international event organized by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN Habitat)
Atelier sur les “Politiques urbaines et rurales pour la création d’emplois durables”, 25-27 Septembre 2014


Presentation of the Forum in the framework of the event organized by the Municipality of Chefchaouen in partnership with the Government of Morocco, the World Organization of Cities and United Local Governments (UCLG) and the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI).
“Mediterranean Economic Week”, 5-8 November 2014

Marseille (France)

Presentation during the plenary session of the international event coordinated by OCEMO.
“3° Encontro nacional de agentes de desenvolvimento”, 18 November 2014

Recife (Brazil)

National event on Local Economic Development for Brazilian actors organized by SEBRAE
“Advancing the dialogue on Local Economic Development”, 2 December 2014


Forum’s presentation in collaboration with Città del Bio
Atelier PNUD “Les contributions des acteurs territoriaux à la promotion de la cohésion sociale et du développement durable au niveau local, national et mondial », 25 mars 2015

El Manar (Tunisie)

Atelier sur le rôle des acteurs territoriaux dans le renforcement de la cohésion sociale et l’importance du dialogue entre les territoires dans la promotion du développement local durable et intégré
“9th International Public Markets Conference”, 26-28 March 2015


Event organized by the Municipality of Barcelona, in collaboration with UCLG
“Third Meeting of Municipalities for Sustainable Development (III EMDS)”, 7-9 April 2015


Event organized by FNP (Frente Nacional de Prefeitos)
“Forum of Local Economic Development”, 18-19 May 2015


Preparatory meeting for Latin America organized by CELAC, UDUAL, SENECYT, SENPLADES and UNDP